Claudia and Jose | Ceres Wedding

Claudia and Jose | Ceres Community Center Wedding | 2016 Contest Winners

Claudia and Jose were  my 2016 wedding photography contest winners.  The opted to have me photograph their wedding reception, which I was so very blessed to do! Their reception was held at the Ceres Community Center in Ceres, CA.  This was my first time photographing at the community center here and I really LOVED it!  The community center has ceilings that are a little lower than most other venues, which allows for very nice, even lighting throughout the center. 

After their introduction, we hopped on over to the park for some GORGEOUS sunset pictures.  When we arrived back at the hall they had a fantastic video playing with pictures from their childhoods and throughout their relationship.  I truly wish you were able to see it, because it was honestly the cutest thing!  Check out their reactions below as they laughed so much and had a fantastic time.  Their cake cutting, bouquet, and garter tosses were so amazing.


Ceres Wedding

Ceres  Wedding

Ceres Wedding

Ceres  Wedding

Ceres Community Center Wedding

Ceres Community Center Wedding

Ceres Community Center Wedding

Ceres Community Center Wedding

Five Tips to Finding the Right Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer is a very important decision and can be very daunting if there are a lot of photographers in your area. Do you feel overwhelmed when searching for a wedding photographer?  Do you need help figuring out which photographer to go with? Are you concerned about your budget and not sure which photographer to choose?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then hopefully what I am about to write will be helpful for you.


How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer Modesto CA

Tip #1: Find a photography style you like.

Do you like light and airy images, images that show emotion, candid photography, dark and moody images, more posed images throughout the day? What sort of style works for you? To help figure this out I recommend that you look at websites and Facebook pages of photographers in your area (or even out of your area). Once you have figured out what style you like and find photographers who create that style, then contact those photographers and ask them to see full day wedding galleries.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Tip #2: Ask to see a full wedding gallery.

I ALWAYS recommend that potential brides look at photographers' websites and ask to see a full wedding gallery.  Any photographer who is looking out for your best interests, and their own, will be willing to show you a full wedding gallery, either in person or online. If the photographer refuses to show you a full gallery, then mark them off your list and keep searching.  As a photographer, I WANT clients to ask to see a full wedding gallery- for both inside and outside locations.  This allows me to showcase what I do on a wedding day and gives my potential clients an idea of what their images will look like.  This helps me attract clients that I know will be happy with the images they receive.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Tip #3: Ask for packages and pricing information.

When you ask for pricing and package information, know what you want.  Do you want digital images only? Do you want a second photographer to photograph on the wedding day? Do you want an engagement session?  Do you want an album or prints?  Some photographers offer only one package, while others may offer a variety of packages. I myself include a custom wedding package that allows clients to add on time, services, or products AND I also offer standard packages that include albums, a second photographer, and full day coverage.  This gives clients the option to create their own package or go with one I already have set up.

Tip #4: I really like this one photographer, but  I'm on a budget. What do I do?

As a person who has had to be very budget conscious at different times in her life, I can tell you that I understand the struggle.  It is so difficult to try to save up, cut costs in different places, and really, really want something you cannot afford.  Here is some advice for you: do your due diligence.  If you are stuck choosing between the less expensive photographer whose work is just okay and the more expensive photographer, whose work is really, really good, then research the heck out of them both.   Ask to see another gallery (or two!),  check reviews online, and ask friends if they have any experience with either photographer.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer


Sometimes, you get what you pay for and sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough.  If you take the money out of the equation, which would you choose?   At the end of the day, I know money can be a touchy subject and is the reason why some clients do not book with me.  All I can tell you is that if  money is the reason for not booking the photographer you want, then ask if the photographer will allow you to make payments, save up enough money to pay in full, or find a creative way to raise money for your photographer. Think outside the box!

 How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Tip #5: Set up a meeting.

After you have researched the photographer, looked at their work,  and figured out the package then set up a meeting with the photographer.  Talk with them about your wedding day and get to know them.  Make sure your personalities mesh and ask them how they manage the wedding day.  Will they help you create a timeline or provide input on the flow of the wedding day? How do they work with the other vendors? Are they trying to talk you into more than you need?  Ideally you want to work with someone who will help compliment your wedding day and provide photography services in a respectful, kind, and professional manner.

At the end of the day, other than your memories, your wedding images will be a visual reminder of your wedding day.  Find a photographer whose work you like, make sure you see full wedding galleries, and save up to get the photographer you want.  You won't regret it!

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer Modesto

Albums are Here!

Hey There!

I am so very pleased to now be offering archive quality lay-flat albums. Each album comes with a choice of color of linen album cover and a photo inset in the cover. Albums come standard with 10 pages of deliciousness filled with 65-70 of your favorite images from your wedding day. If that isn't enough for you, you may always choose to add additional pages or change the cover to leather instead of linen. These albums will be included with some wedding packages, but you may also order the albums a-la-carte. What I love most about these albums is the high quality and beautiful texture of each page.




Eeeeeeek! So it has be quite awhile since I have blogged any of my gorgeous weddings. I have photographed over 12 weddings this year and between working one full time job and having my own photography business, a family, etc. things have been sooooo crazy! I will be taking some time off in December to update my website and blog and gearing up for the new year. I DO have a few people interested in photography mentoring sessions and will be releasing some information about mentoring sessions in the coming month or so.

In the meantime, here are just a few of my favorite images from some of the weddings I have photographed this year. Some of my favorite weddings this year include photographing at Wawona Village in Yosemite, Evanshire Gardens in Ceres, Pageo Lavender Farm in Turlock, a place called Rancho de Pancho in Modesto, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Oakdale, and photographing at Union Hill Inn in Sonora. This has been a truly wonderful year, full of many blessings but also full of a few hardships. I'm wishing you all well in the coming weeks and into next year. I still have a few openings for next year so if you are interested in booking a wedding, please send me an email and let's chat!






Cass and Cody | The Falls Event Center, Elk Grove California

Cass and Cody were married in January at The Falls Event Center in Elk Grove California. They both have a love for superheros and included that theme throughout their wedding. From his cufflinks to the cake and the reception decorations, it was quite an event. However, the best thing about this wedding was how much they loved each other.


Cass and Cody (1) Cass and Cody (29) Cass and Cody (43) Cass and Cody (58)

Cass and Cody (68)

Cass and Cody (114) Cass and Cody (231)

Cass and Cody (266) Cass and Cody (322) Cass and Cody (484) Cass and Cody (496) Cass and Cody (506)

Kortnee and Travis | The Century Modesto

Kortnee and Travis were married in November at the Century in downtown Modesto.

They first met shortly after Kortnee took a break from school.  During that time she was trying to figure out life and never considered herself one of those falling in love types.  Travis met Kortnee one evening through a mutual friend.

They didn't immediately hit it off, but their paths crossed about a week after being introduced.  It must have been fate.  They struck up a conversation and Travis had his mind made up that he and Kortnee were going to be a couple.  Even though Kortnee didn't admit as much to her friends she, too, wanted to get to know Travis better.

Soon, they were dating and Kortnee was sure that Travis was a keeper.  The only problem was that Travis had recently enlisted into the Air Force. About seven months into their relationship Travis left for boot camp.  Even though boot camp was two months long, Kortnee was certain that their love would endure.

On January 2nd Kortnee attended Travis' graduation from bootcamp.  After the ceremony Travis walked over to Kortnee, got down on one knee, and proposed in front of hundreds of people.

Kortnee and Travis are so amazing, friendly, and funny! They had a wonderful wedding day filled with love and laughter.

The Century2

The Century 3

Kortnee and Travis (28) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (30) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (36) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (42) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (52) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (86) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (120) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (137) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (147) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (167) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (174) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (194) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (264) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (273) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (278) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (317) The Century

The Century

Kortnee and Travis (414) The Century

Kortnee and Travis (578) The Century

Venue: The Century, Modesto
Dress: Mira Bridal Couture
Second Shooter: Josh

Katie and Aaron | Diablo Grande

Katie and Aaron's Diablo Grande Wedding

Katie and Aaron's wedding at Diablo Country Club was nothing short of beautiful. The bridal party was beyond phenomenal! The ladies were such great friends and so kind to each other throughout the day.  The gentlemen laughed, drank, and had a TON of laughs.  But the most amazing thing was how very much Katie and Aaron's love for each other shined throughout the whole day.

They chose to have a first look before the ceremony.  As Aaron turned around to see his lovely bride, he gently whispered in her ear,"You look so beautiful." My gosh, that's every woman's dream.  Let me just say that Katie was and is absolutely beautiful!! 

After the ceremony we shot just a few portraits and then they played the shoe game! That was my first time ever photographing that particular game and it was so much fun to watch! They really know each other so well and their answers matched every time.

Possibly the best event of the evening was Katie and Aaron's cake cutting.  I won't ruin it for you as I want you to be surprised when you scroll down to see it, but let me just say that every wedding I shoot for the rest of my career is going to have a hard time beating this one. It's got the whole "innocence, love, betrayal, and forgiveness" built right into it!!!

The night ended with some romantic dancing, but this is just the beginning of their love story.


Details (1)


Details (11)


Details (27)


Ladies Getting Ready (34)

Men Getting Ready (18)

Bride and Groom Portraits (10)

First Look (6)

First Look (47)

Ceremony (23)

Ceremony (45)


Bridal Party (51)


Cake (6)

Shoe Game and Treasure Hunt (1)

Dance (15)

Venue: Diablo Grande Country Club, Patterson, CA

Kristen and Devin | Delta Party Barn Los Banos


Kristen and Devin had a beautiful wedding at Delta Party Barn in Los Banos.  The day started off with Kristen getting ready at her family's home.  Then we made some time for a quick first look just before the ceremony.  Devin and Kristen were so stinkin' cute throughout the whole day!  You could tell how much they truly love each other.

Melicety Spring Photography

Melicety Spring Photography Melicety Spring PhotographyMelicety Spring PhotographyDelta Party Barn Melicety Spring PhotographyMSP_0438 Melicety Spring Photography Delta Party Barn Melicety Spring Photography   Delta Party Barn Melicety Spring PhotographyDelta Party Barn Melicety Spring Photography  Melicety Spring Photography Melicety Spring Photography

Aly’s Maternity Session | June 2015

This summer I had the blessing of taking maternity portraits of a fellow photographer.  For Aly's session we decided to head to Dry Creek Trail in Modesto for more of a boho/rustic look.  I just love her henna tattoo! It complimented her outfit so well.  We had such a wonderful time and she is so gorgeous!  Every woman should be so lucky to look this good when she's pregnant.


Aly (7) Maternity

Aly (12) Maternity