Piedmont Community Hall Wedding

 Please read through the questions and answers below to learn more about the services I offer.

  • How much do you charge for wedding photography and what is included?
    For full wedding package information please see my pricing page for packages and pricing or we can set up a free consultation meeting.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I am happy to offer special pricing to current military and veterans.  I also offer discounts for employees of Modesto City Schools and those who are getting married at Delta Party Barn in Los Banos.
  • What do you require to book a session or wedding?
    In order to consider your session or wedding officially booked, I must receive a retainer and a signed contract. For sessions I ask for a $100 retainer, while weddings require a $500 retainer. The reason for this is, if you book your session or wedding/event with me I then must block off the time on my calendar for your session/wedding/event and I cannot take any more business for that time and/ or date. Any inquiries I receive for your booked date/time I turn away and potentially lose out on business. Therefore, I cannot guarantee my availability for your session or wedding without a signed contract and a paid retainer.
  • Do you travel?
    YES! I cannot say that loud enough. I love to travel, both for portrait sessions and for weddings.
  • What will we discuss at our consultation meeting?
    We will discuss the details of your wedding (venue, theme, discuss your photography needs), your vision for photography, discuss a shot list, timeline, and what to expect from me during your wedding day. I will also show you a full wedding portfolio and provide you with a contract and pricing information to review.
  • How many images will I receive if I book you for my wedding?
    On average, I provide roughly 50 edited images per hour of coverage. However, every wedding is unique! Each wedding has different timelines, events to be covered, decor, number of guests and family to be photographed, etc.  Therefore, I do not promise a specific number of images that I provide for any wedding.
  • Why do you charge what you charge?
    Let me start by saying that photography is an investment. It is an investment in your memories, your emotions, and your life. Most importantly, it is an investment of time.  While I may spend one hour photographing you during a regular session or 8 hours photographing your wedding, there is so much more time that I spend behind the scenes.  Here is a rough estimate of the time investment I put into each and every portrait session and/ or wedding:
  • Writing, editing, and completing the contract (1 hour)
  • Communicating with the client (emails, phone calls, etc.) (1-2+ hours)
  • Research current photographic trends and methods that align with our vision (3+ hours)
  • Driving to and from the session location or wedding venue (1+ hours, depending on location)
  • Develop a shot list and time line with client, plus revisions (3+ hours)
  • Arrive early at the location / visit the venue to scout out the best areas to photograph (lighting, background, etc.) (1 hour or more + travel time depending on location)
  • Actual shooting time at the session or wedding (between 1-10 hours)
  • Pay for second shooter (if requested at wedding)
  • Uploading, downloading, culling (selecting images), editing, and retouching images (10-40+ hours depending on length of session/wedding)

All of this is in addition to the cost of my business license, website, insurance, skill, equipment, and other business expenses.