Last year I struggled a lot with trying to find the right word sorts for my students.  I found some on TPT, but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for.  So…..I made my own!  I started making these about half way through last school year, so now I am playing catch up with the beginning of the school year phonics skills.

What I like best about these word sorts, as opposed to others, is that they include a word bank, pictures, and a line to practice writing the word.  Many word sorts just offer pictures or just offer words to be sorted by word family.

These sorts  challenge students first to say the word while looking at the picture, then to match the written word to the picture.  Another thing I LOVE about this is that students not only practice spelling, and reading, but also using their fine motor skills through cutting and writing. 

Click on the link to download this freebie or click here.

short a word sort