I took a looooooong break from blogging and am making it my goal this year to build up my TPT work and blog more so I can share some of what I love to do, which is teaching!  This is my classroom reveal for this year. Near the last trimester our principal suggested that we try flexible seating.  So she was so gracious and purchased us cushions and yoga balls, and even had the janitor lower some tables for those students who choose to sit at a low table.

I feel like I’m just getting my feet underneath me with this new seating and am also starting the year off using Daily Five, achievement tags (which some refer to as brag or swag tags), and a newly organized classroom. 

 This bulletin board is in the hallway, just outside the classroom.  I’d LOVE to show you some of the other teachers’ bulletin boards in my hallway (ours is the best hallway in the school 😉 ).  I’ll update with a post as soon as I have the students’ first day of first grade pictures.

This is just inside my classroom.  The yoga balls will be introduced to the students tomorrow.

 In the background is my Daily Five student choice chart, classroom job chart, and math wall.

I wanted to find some Daily Five posters that matched my classroom colors, but I could not. So, I decided to make my own.  The student name tags I created in Microsoft Publisher, printed on cardstock, laminated, and then glued thick magnets to the back so they stuck out just a bit from the board, making them easier for students to grab.

My math / calendar wall was sadly lacking a lot of things the last two years when we moved to Common Core.  I decided it was far passed the time to get a few things going on.  There were many great things on TPT, but nothing that was exactly what I wanted.  Since students learn both vertical and horizontal addition in first grade, I thought I’d create a template for that, as well as number bonds, skip counting to 180 by 10’s on 10 frames, number of the day, writing the number in word form, and a few other templates.  I will be adding more to them as time allows and I see a need to add or change out the skills students practice.  If you’d like to grab the set for your math wall, you may check it out here.

 I changed up my book baskets and library this year so I could have more room for my Daily Five board (seen at the right side of the picture).  I may decide to change or move it again, who knows!

Way back on the far wall is where my word wall will go. I’m still trying to figure out which cabinet I put my word wall cards in.  Ha ha ha!

Hope the beginning of your year is off to a smooth start and your classroom looks amazing.

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  1. Awww, thank you! My room is very open and it seems a little big compared to other classrooms I have taught in. Another thing that helps is that when I moved into this classroom a few years ago, I got rid of A LOT of tables shelves and other things left by the previous teacher.

    I try to be a minimalist because I do not like clutter. The kids have REALLY enjoyed the flexible seating this year and I don't see myself ever going back to traditional desks and chairs.

    I'm hoping to be more consistent with my blogging, but I get so busy teaching that I forget. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Talking of amazing looking classrooms, yours looks great! I like the variety in seating options and your rocking chair. Is it the photos or is your room HUGE? I am so jealous! My classroom looks tiny in comparison. I am looking forward to continuing to read your blogposts in the future!

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