March | Saint Patrick’s Day | Freebie!

“Oh, me Lucky Charms!”

That’s probably the first thought in my mind when I think of leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day.  Well, that and a pot of gold, lush, green rolling hills, and, of course, spring time!

To celebrate spring time and St. Patrick’s day, I’ve created this fun writing activity where students need to create their own leprechaun traps. Students will pick the type of lure they want to use to help trap their leprechaun……..maybe the pot of gold will work great! Or maybe it’s the gold dust that will get the leprechaun’s attention.  Maybe a trail of gold coins will get the leprechaun into the trap. Lots of possibilities!

So students will create their traps, then write about what materials they chose, tell why those are the best materials and how the trap will work to capture the leprechaun.
I’m trying this for the first time with my students and hope they have a lot of fun!  Click on the picture to link to the free download and enjoy!