100th Day of School Ideas

Celebrating the 100th day of school is super exciting!  I have tried something new for the 100th day of school almost every year.  Compiled here are a few of my favorite activities to do with the students. No matter what you do, make sure you have fun!

One thing I have enjoyed doing is creating 100th day glasses with the students.  These are super easy to make!  After you cut out the glasses you can decorate them with pencil, marker, crayon, or stickers.  You might even try gluing cereal or macaroni to the front.

If you are interested in these fun glasses, grab them here for free.

Another  activity that is really fun is dressing up like you are 100 years old.  I always send home a note to parents to give students ideas on what to wear.  If you need a letter to send home, grab this one for free here.
What I did for myself is hit the thrift shops to grab some fun clothes and accessories to transform myself into an older lady.  Thrift shops are great  places to hit up and find bargains.  I found these fantastic gloves, necklaces, shawl, and dress (see below) for under $15.
In addition to the clothes and accessories, I drew on wrinkles, sprayed my hair gray, and put my hair in a bun.

The last activity that we have fun doing is this 100th day of school booklet. Students practice 100th day of school activities in reading, writing, and math.  If you are interested in checking out this resource please click here.


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