First Grade classroom decor

Classroom Tour 2021-2022

It’s already back to school time for me. This year I decided to decorate my classroom with a mint / turquoise blue and black. I was SO excited to find these book bins at Target.  Finally my entire classroom library can match!

first grade writing

classroom organization first grade classroom first grade focus wall


I always have a wall dedicated for student work. This wall is all for student writing samples. I have developed a very structured writing process and have students moving from writing one basic sentence at the beginning of the year to writing entire paragraphs by the end of the first trimester. first grade writing


My focus wall is very small, but I focus on our phonics and high frequency words each week. We also use the calendar during math time.


first grade classroom library


I ditched my clip chart years ago in favor of a totally positive behavior management system. I created a reward board that I use for positive student behavior. Student get to choose their own reward! My students love choosing stickers, erasers, being the helper in class, receiving a happy note home, or other rewards. I switch them out throughout the year so they have a chance to earn different rewards.

first grade rewards and classroom prizes

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