Reward Board Classroom Reward System

I have tried many different reward systems in my classroom and most recently tried brag tags.  I love brag tags and so do my students, but I needed something that was just as effective and didn’t require using so much ink all year long and so much prep through printing, cutting, laminating, and hole punching. I like to keep things simple!

So I developed something I call the Reward Board.  This is similar to using reward coupons for students, but in a bulletin board format.  The benefit of using this system is that I do not have to make multiple copies and pass them out. I just print off the posters, put them up and let students select the reward they would like from the current choices available.

The Reward Board posters include classroom-based rewards that students can earn! I currently have created 18 different rewards that students can select from, but I only post seven at a time. I will switch out one or two rewards per month so students have something new and exciting to choose from.

Here is how the system works:

1. Print the posters you would like to use. I recommend using a small number to start so students are not overwhelmed with too many choices.

2. Post them on the bulletin board (you may decide to use library pockets as shown in the picture or you may choose to create a clip chart instead and students can use clips to select their reward) and number sticks to match the number of students (or write the names of students) in your class.  If you want to use clips instead you may number or write names on those.

3. When a student earns a reward have them move their stick (or clip) to the reward (pocket) they would like.

4. You choose the frequency rewards are handed out! It could be immediately, daily, or weekly.

5. I change out posters about once a month and keep up the more popular posters for students to choose from.

You may check out this Reward Board Set here.

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